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Comments posted by members

  • hever3 11/07/2017
    This software 1 is very efficient. Can I earn 1000€ with the first one rather then play with the second?
  • summerblast 07/07/2017
    I want to become full time employee
  • mazhor 29/06/2017
    So this 10 steps is a trial ? What happens when I pass ?
    • Privatech 29/07/2017

      Once you complete the trial period you will be officially employed, we will sign a contract and your account will be fully financed by our company.

  • Aquatic 26/06/2017
    I just have to say this is the great thing I have ever came across. I'm excited to be here! Good Luck to everyone.
  • george 23/06/2017
    I started playing and wondering is it safe to do like more than 1 session a day ?? I just started playing and completed about 4 wins under 5 minutes!
    • Privatech 23/06/2017

      Hello george, yes, the number of sessions is unlimited.

  • butic 20/06/2017
    Hello, I would like to say that my account is active now, doing real mode sessions, everything is running smoothly
  • Jojo 17/06/2017
    The idea is amazing and I think it is fair to share 25% profits, regarding the softwares I really prefer to use the software no1 even though the soft No2 is better updated I guess and more advance. However I feel more confident using the software No1.
  • madman 15/06/2017
  • MartinJ 13/06/2017
    so far everything seems pretty cool! I am on step 7 right now, looking forward to get to step 9 to get first withdrawal
  • tutalarsen 10/06/2017
    This is soooo much fun indeed!
  • DJProject 07/06/2017
    Hello admins, please contact me today, I want to do first withdrawal! how to do?
  • Varum23 04/06/2017
    I received 25% to my account, thank you! will get back to you once I fill it with my part of contribution. have a good day!
  • Madness 02/06/2017
    Can I withdraw my winnings? I played 20 sessions in the Software 1
  • Grisha 30/05/2017
    So far so good! ☺ is it possible to use only one of the softwares or we have to use both?
  • hungon 25/05/2017
    Oh wow, after trying, it actually worked.. My god, i was sceptic, but it worked.. Wow.. 155 gain. I just wanted to tell you that...
  • Policeman 22/05/2017
    How much do I have to pay you ?
    • Privatech 22/05/2017

      The use of the Software No1 is free. When using the Software No 2 the commission of 25% applies after your profit amount reaches 2000€.

  • JeromePP 18/05/2017
    Hello guys, software No1 demo mode finished, do I need to validate my account to start using it for real money ?
    • Privatech 18/05/2017

      Hello JeromePP, to start earning with the software No1 you just need to make a real money deposit on the casino and start playing. The authorization from our side is not needed.

  • misha1 16/05/2017
    Hey, can I play on soft1 and soft2 at the same time ? just finished first session on soft2, it went successful but I was just concerned that I have to stop playing on soft 1 ??
    • Privatech 16/05/2017

      Hello misha1, you can play on both softwares at the same time.

  • MartinRen 14/05/2017
    Guys, why asking this questions here, you have admins :D Or just go through FAQ they explain there everything that you have to know! :D
  • Hugo8 09/05/2017
    The difference is in deposit amounts mostly, but I think Magik slots is better because they pay out with no problems and delays
  • bornleader 08/05/2017
    can someone advise which casino to choose after Atlantic? Is there any difference?
  • LeonardC 07/05/2017
    I sent the validation proof for the second casino 4 hours ago, I would appreciate if you could have a look at it a bit faster, I know that it is validated within 24 hours usually, but I can't wait to start :D thank you in advance!
  • killian 05/05/2017
    I just finished my first session and everything went smoothly so super super ... Why I did not discover this sooner :) Looking forward to winning further gains.
  • WScGa 01/05/2017
    What casino is better to start with? and how to start?
    • Privatech 01/05/2017

      Dear WScGa, you can read detailed explanation of how the software operates in the list of frequently asked questions:

  • savior 28/04/2017
    When my account manager will contact me? I sent message 3 hours ago
    • Privatech 28/04/2017

      Please check your messages. We have answered your question. Your account manager makes every effort to provide you with an answer within 24 hours.

  • 2Pac 27/04/2017
    I’m on day 3 of using the software and its fantastic.
  • ITry 24/04/2017
    ok first session went well, I must admit I'm surprised. Could just be luck but we'll see how it goes later, Is it better to withdraw profits daily or weekly?
  • kimsdad5 21/04/2017
    I've been active all week, when can I withdraw?
  • AurelL 19/04/2017
    This technology is amazing ! Pff 15 min and 180€ !! I'm impressed ! keep up the good work!
  • vselen 17/04/2017
    Can you play on more then 1 casino a day?
    • Privatech 17/04/2017

      Yes, as long as you don't do more then 1 session per day per casino.