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Comments posted by members

  • Natan 22/01/2017
    Just started with this software ! And a win after the few spins ! I am really excited about this site, I will keep you all updated !
  • ReneToms 18/01/2017
    Almost 2 months of great partnership ! Recommend to everyone ! Thanks John !
  • reader2 14/01/2017
    Great way to earn money online !
  • beautifulmind 13/01/2017
    I love the idea and actually I had the same idea too, but I didn’t know how to make it work ! So you are a group of very smart guys I should say .
  • dragos1 11/01/2017
    So I just had my first session and boom ! Fantastic after all of course I was skeptical in the beginning.
  • RobiDraco 08/01/2017
    At first how it is possible that this registration to the Technigroup is free, as i read this software earns for you 4500 euro per month and to get this completely free.. This is too nice to be true. :)
    • Technigroup 09/01/2017

      Hello, that is true that our technology can bring around 4500€ per month to our partners. We give a free access to our technology in exchange for 25% of generated earnings. To discuss the agreement in details please contact your account manager ☺

  • Geegun 06/01/2017
    Today is exactly one month since I started. Thank you very much John and Sabrina for the great support. I hope for long and successful cooperation in the future !
  • montitheking 03/01/2017
    First session- success ! Should I withdraw everything and then deposit the same amount again ? Should I wait some time ? I can not find this info on the website.
    • Technigroup 03/01/2017

      Hello, we advise to always keep 360 € on the account, however for this kind of questions please contact your account manager who will personally clarify all the questions for you.

  • TPaul 28/12/2016
    Thank you for accepting me to your team. I am delighted to be part of the adventure I will give my maximum, first session went great!
  • MOT 27/12/2016
    Does this work on any casino?
    • Technigroup 27/12/2016

      The software is built around a specific casino’s algorithm (those listed are those for which we were able to extract the data from the casino’s RNG algorithm). We are constantly working on cracking another casinos, it takes about 6 months, a new one should arrive in a few months.

  • JamesV 25/12/2016
    During the first session, after the 9th spin it landed on the correct number, which accounts for a net win of 136. So far I am very happy I discovered you guys.
  • john888 20/12/2016
    My first game went fine. gain 145 eu. Thank u very much for your support and fast replies!
  • anastas 10/12/2016
    Do I have to worry that the casino say to me that I am a cheater etc...? But except this, I really appreciate the work of your software and I would like to be a part of it. :) The idea is awesome
    • Technigroup 10/12/2016

      Hello anastas, In order to stay out of casinos' detection system we advise to respect the rule of 1 session a day. And thank you for your kind words.

  • maria73 30/11/2016
    Im glad for ur support u are a life changer for me.
  • mario77 13/11/2016
    It's too good to be true. Especially with all that scam online. You don't know what you can believe and what you can not.
    • Technigroup 13/11/2016

      Your question is completely legitimate with everything that can be found online. To clear all your doubts, please contact your account manager, who will explain how the software works and answer all your additional questions.

  • blackknight 11/11/2016
    Thank you all in Technigroup .I must say you guys are doing a great job.Good luck.
  • toto 08/11/2016
    Personally I validated that Atlantic and Parklane and both work well.
  • Satih 01/11/2016
    Really great first game, today made 145 and worked great. Hopefully it will keep going with lots of consistency. Thank you for your help !
  • ArditZam 19/10/2016
    Wow!!!! I am surprised and happy. Thank you
  • Booom1 15/10/2016
    How do I start? How much should I deposit?
    • Technigroup 15/10/2016

      For this kind of information is always better if you contact your account manager please :) he will explain everything step by step!

  • xmxmxm 22/09/2016
    Is it unlimited? I mean if it really gives profit I could stay playing all the time! :D
    • Technigroup 22/09/2016

      We don’t suggest to play more then 1 session per day per casino. At this level, casino’s detection algorithms dedicated to “weird behaviors” are not warned because the income is very light.

  • dredre88 08/09/2016
    It is a pleasure to pay you this 25% but I would suggest to implement payment method online on the website. Would be easier.
  • Pillu 30/08/2016
    Thank you for assistance John. After first unsuccessful session in atlantic, software works great in Parklane for 4 days now, hopefully for longer time.
  • beppee1 11/08/2016
    I’m validating second casino now with profits from Atlantic. Is there any mentorship program? I could bring friends for some kind of commission ;)
    • Technigroup 11/08/2016

      Hello! We don’t have mentorship program yet, we will implement it soon.

  • Gucci 27/07/2016
    I am playing in Atlantic now, was just wondering if I can validate all the casinos at the same time?
    • Technigroup 27/07/2016

      Hello Gucci. Yes, you can use the software on all 4 casinos at the same time. But remember that you shouldn’t play more then 1 session per day per casino.

  • Baboch33 22/07/2016
    I just signed partnership agreement and passed 1successfull session in Atlantic!! I wish I could find the software earlier.
  • SOFI567 17/07/2016
    Guys, would be lovely if you could reply more often. Sometimes if I have urgent question I have to wait the whole day for the explanation. The rest is good.
    • Technigroup 17/07/2016

      Dear SOFI567, we have a lot of partners writing us at the same time, that is why sometimes it takes several hours to answer. But a daily answer we can certainly guarantee.

  • ZodiacG 03/07/2016
    I am not sure if I believe the software. What if it doesn’t work?
    • Technigroup 05/07/2016

      Hello, I understand your concern. But you shouldn’t worry about that, because even if your first session doesn’t end up with profit we will offer you a refund €50 from our solidarity fund.

  • Scratch 15/06/2016
    Would be great if we could use the software more then 1 session per day. The rest is perfect.
    • Technigroup 16/06/2016

      Thank you for your opinion. For now we shouldn’t play more then 1 session per day in order to stay out of casino’s detection systems.

  • Ratman 08/06/2016
    Well done guys! Didn’t expect it to work honestly!