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Comments posted by members

  • messiii 02/04/2017
    C est fiable ?
  • KVR 07/03/2017
    How to withdraw money and how to pay you the25% fee ?
    • Technigroup 07/03/2017

      You will find the detailed answer to your question in the <a href="/en/contact-support">FAQ</a>. I advise you to go through all questions before you start using the software.

  • Solodance 05/03/2017
    First day after betting 40 Euros I won 180€ ! I sent the validation proof for the second account, when will it be validated ?!
    • Technigroup 05/03/2017

      Dear Solodance, all the accounts are validated within 24 hours after the document have been submitted.

  • luckyone 03/03/2017
    Brilliant !
  • ABSD1 03/03/2017
    I would like to update and inform you all that I am already in the third session and till todat everything is going well in both casinos.
  • Tonys 02/03/2017
    After messing up badly since I did not read the instructions properly, the support team still agreed to refund my full 50€ … not something you see with businesses do on a regular basis. Looking forward to working with you guys !
  • Barber 01/03/2017
    The software works wonderfull, zero complaints, it is worth 50$ you make it back plus more fast
  • Yourreason 27/02/2017
    Keep up the good work !
  • Talla88 24/02/2017
    Thank you very much for accepting me to your team. On my first day after I just joined , I won 180€ and that is really awesome. Thank you very much for your support and this system is really amazing !
  • Technoboy 23/02/2017
    I am winning in atlantic at the moment. Will validate other casinos once I have bigger bankroll.
  • Arirang 20/02/2017
    Thank you for this opportunity ! I have been using this software for more then a week every day and it works perfectly ! Good luck to everyone !
  • InGodITrust 16/02/2017
    Do I need to validate all 3 casinos to start working with you ?
  • Slim 13/02/2017
    Ok, second casino I validated is Casino cruise, works the same as Atlantic.
  • Faruk 11/02/2017
    Useful tool to earn money ! Love it !
  • Mishanja 09/02/2017
    Do you guys withdraw and leave 25% on your account for the Technigroup ?
    • Technigroup 09/02/2017

      Hello, you don’t need to leave the commission on your account We will send you the detailed information where you should transfer the commission.

  • Gfow1 08/02/2017
    I have all three validated, it works the same on all of them, but in casino cruise the deposit amount is lower, I would suggest to go for it better.
  • Slim 07/02/2017
    I’ve been generating money on 1 casino for now, in Atlantic, Iam ready to progress to another casino, which one is better ? Any suggestions ?
  • borhj3 05/02/2017
    False alarm :D , I tried to change browsers and it works.. All good, successfull session !
  • borhj3 05/02/2017
    Hey guys, is casino cruise down or ? I can’t open it today, before was working perfect .
  • Domdom 04/02/2017
    Hey, guys, all good, I am doing a great job so far ! For two weeks or so. Will keep you updated if something goes wrong. Validated atlantic and Casino cruise for now.
  • Viikki 01/02/2017
    Can anyone post a feedback after a week ? Not a first day please ? What are the results ?
  • RobbBob 31/01/2017
    Horaahhh ! Finally I won after a rocky start . I'm so happy , thank you to the team of geniuses who created this software and have given us a chance to use it for a little profit . I'm so stocked , lots of love .... Thank you
  • AZAN93 27/01/2017
    I have been playing in Atlantic only, can anyone advise which casino should I try next? Any ideas?
  • coinshunter 25/01/2017
    How can I validate my account please? What do I have to do?
    • Technigroup 31/01/2017

      Hello, I invite you to contact your account manager at any time, he will gladly provide you with all the information within 24 hours.

  • Vitos 24/01/2017
    I would like to grab this opportunity to say THANK YOU to the whole team for making this a reality. I'm looking forward to working with you!
  • Natan 22/01/2017
    Just started with this software ! And a win after the few spins ! I am really excited about this site, I will keep you all updated !
  • ReneToms 18/01/2017
    Almost 2 months of great partnership ! Recommend to everyone ! Thanks John !
  • reader2 14/01/2017
    Great way to earn money online !
  • beautifulmind 13/01/2017
    I love the idea and actually I had the same idea too, but I didn’t know how to make it work ! So you are a group of very smart guys I should say .
  • dragos1 11/01/2017
    So I just had my first session and boom ! Fantastic after all of course I was skeptical in the beginning.