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About us!

The Privatech platform is the result of a student project that has evolved into an institution in the world of online roulette

working team

User manager

Interested in communication in general, I write various contents on the website and I deal with users' messages.

Software developper

Passionated about software development, I take care of the development and updates of our software.

Web developper

Fascinated by the web since I was a kid, I always invest my time and energy in projects I think are worth the challenge!

Project manager

I am behind the Privatech project. I supervise my team to keep increasing our tool's performance!

The work team

The project was supported and developed by four founding members who share the following skills thanks to their respective formations:

  • IT
  • Mathematics
  • Management
  • Communication

The members of the team met during their university years, brought together by their passion for gambling and their common attraction for entrepreneurship.

Objective of the project

The Privatech's objective is, above all, to highlight the expertise and the ingenuity of its creators. The technology, available for our visitors on a semi-free basis, represents years of preparation and development to get today's results.

History of the project

The first version of Privatech has been released online four years ago. The work on the algorithm was only partially completed and the help of the users to obtain more data became strongly needed. For a full year, the data collection through the completed sessions allowed us to finally release the first stable version of the software three years ago.

At this moment in time, the number of users saw its biggest growth, and the first counter attacks from online casinos started to be launched. To maintain the stability of our software, we had to continuously update it to keep up with the evolution of the casinos.

Since last year, we decided to ask every member to participate with a compulsory contribution calculated from the amount of their gains generated with the software. This contribution allows a better maintenance and a better return towards the research & development.